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Cookiecutter template
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Duckietown Project Template

This repo contains a template for a Python/ROS library for Duckietown using the templating system Cookiecutter.

To create a repository starting from this template, first install the latest Cookiecutter:

$ pip install -U cookiecutter

Then you can run:

$ cookiecutter

Answer the questions and you will create the template for your repository.


  • Python
  • PyPI
  • Unit tests
  • Code coverage
  • Code coverage using Coveralls
  • CircleCI integration
  • Duckiebook template
  • ROS node template
  • Support for YAML configuration files (easy_algo)
  • Support for challenge definition/submission
  • Docker containers


The repo duckietown-foobar is generated using this template.

Next steps

For the next steps, you need to ask a TA to:

  1. Create repository duckietown-PROJ.
  2. Activate CircleCI for the repository.
  3. Activate Coveralls for the repo (TA: also remember to set the subdir). The TA will give you a "coverall repo token". It looks like "ZIgSe75hZ7zhTRHFngXXXXJMjTqWkMY". Put this token in the Makefile.

Remember to change master18 into master18:

git branch -m master18 master
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