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Extension '''FormatNum''' makes it easier to format numbers in the style you want, independent of language settings. For input "english" format is used with point as decimal separator.

== Usage ==
* {{#formatnum:''number''|''number of decimals''|''decimal separator''|''thousand separator''|''old thousand separator''}}
* {{#formatnum:''number''|decs=''number of decimals''|dsep=''decimal separator''|tsep=''thousand separator''|otsep=''old thousand separator''|format=''DIN or ISO''|mint=''minimal number to separate thousands''}}

* otsep: thousands separator in the number given, that will be removed. For example when having a number like 123.456.789,123 and setting otsep=. will remove all points from the number before converting.
* mint: the minimal number given to separate thousands. For example when setting to 4 the number 1234 will remain as is and 12345 will be separated to 12 345.

== Examples ==
:{{#formatnum: 2300.123|2|,|_}}
:result: 2 300,12

:{{#formatnum: 2300.123|2|.|,}}
:result: 2,300.12

:{{#formatnum: 2300.123|2}}
:result: 2,300.12

:{{#formatnum: 2300.123|2|,|t}}
:result: 2 300,12

As ''thousand separator'' the following parameters can be also used
* n – will be &nbsp&#59;
* t – will be &thinsp&#59;

== Installation ==
Download the files from github. Put them in /extensions/FormatNum and add the following to your [[LocalSettings.php]]
<syntaxhighlight lang=php>require_once( "$IP/extensions/FormatNum/FormatNum.php" );</syntaxhighlight>

== Use Example ==
On Wikipedia formatting of numbers is done with complex templates like [[🇩🇪Vorlage:FormatZahl|this]]. With the #formatnum parser this would be a lot easier.

== See also ==
* [[Extension:NumberFormat]]
* [[Bugzilla:40422]] - review and deployment request

== Links ==
* [ description of number_format at]
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