A module for monitoring and managing APC from within a Yii application
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A module for monitoring and managing APC from within a Yii application

This modules is intended to provide roughly the same functionality as the apc.php that shipps with the documentation of the Alternative PHP Cache. The goal is to take a peek at the inner workings of APC and monitor things like cache usage, memory fragmentation etc.

This extension comes as a module as this is the easiest way to provide all the functionality in one drop. However, it should be possible to rename and/or even relocate the main controller.

Please take note that this modules does not check for authentication or authorization in any way since I cannot make any assumptions of the auth mechanisms in other's applications. Please see to it that you grant permissions on this module only to the appropriate entities.


This module is still a work-in-progress. So any kind of feedback is very welcome.


  • Yii v1.1.x
  • APC
  • Possibly the liquid plugin for the Blueprint CSS framework


This extension can be used as a drop-in module. Just follow these steps:

Unzip the content of the ZIP to your application.modules directory Find the modules-stanza (create it if it doesn't exist yet) in your config and add the apcinfo module like this:

'modules' => array(

Enjoy! :)