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package statetransitions {
import Box2D.Dynamics.Contacts.b2Contact;
import aze.motion.EazeTween;
import aze.motion.eaze;
import citrus.core.starling.StarlingState;
import citrus.objects.CitrusSprite;
import citrus.objects.platformer.box2d.Coin;
import citrus.objects.platformer.box2d.Enemy;
import citrus.objects.platformer.box2d.Hero;
import citrus.objects.platformer.box2d.Platform;
import citrus.physics.box2d.Box2D;
import citrus.view.starlingview.AnimationSequence;
import starling.display.Quad;
import starling.textures.Texture;
import starling.textures.TextureAtlas;
import flash.display.Bitmap;
import flash.utils.clearTimeout;
import flash.utils.setTimeout;
* @author Aymeric
public class StarlingDemoStateTransition extends StarlingState {
[Embed(source="/../embed/Hero.xml", mimeType="application/octet-stream")]
private var _heroConfig:Class;
private var _heroPng:Class;
private var _timeoutID:uint;
public function StarlingDemoStateTransition() {
override public function initialize():void {
var box2D:Box2D = new Box2D("box2D");
// box2D.visible = true;
add(new CitrusSprite("quad", {view:new Quad(stage.stageWidth, stage.stageHeight, Math.random() * 0xFFFFFF)}));
add(new Platform("bottom", {x:stage.stageWidth / 2, y:stage.stageHeight, width:stage.stageWidth}));
var coin:Coin = new Coin("coin", {x:360, y:200, view:"levels/SoundPatchDemo/jewel.png"});
var bitmap:Bitmap = new _heroPng();
var texture:Texture = Texture.fromBitmap(bitmap);
var xml:XML = XML(new _heroConfig());
var sTextureAtlas:TextureAtlas = new TextureAtlas(texture, xml);
var hero:Hero = new Hero("hero", {x:100, y:300, width:60, height:135, hurtVelocityX:5, hurtVelocityY:8});
hero.view = new AnimationSequence(sTextureAtlas, ["walk", "duck", "idle", "jump", "hurt"], "idle");
var enemy:Enemy = new Enemy("enemy", {x:stage.stageWidth - 50, y:350, width:46, height:68, view:"MonsterStarlingArt.swf", leftBound:20, rightBound:stage.stageWidth - 20});
_timeoutID = setTimeout(function():void {
_ce.futureState = new StarlingDemoStateTransition();
// _ce.state is still the current state because the update function as not be performed. After that _ce.state will return _ce.futureState to enable physics/view on the future state
// don't forget lots of objects are initialized using _ce.state
randomTransition(_ce.state as StarlingState, _ce.futureState as StarlingState).onComplete(function():void {
_ce.state = _ce.futureState;
// you may call a function from your new state here to initialize many objects.
// it may be lagging to do it directly in your initialize method if you're on mobile.
}, 4000);
override public function destroy():void {
public function randomTransition(state1:StarlingState, state2:StarlingState):EazeTween {
if (Math.random() < 0.5) {
return eaze(state1).to(2, {alpha:0});
} else {
state2.x = -stage.stageWidth;
eaze(state2).to(2, {x:0});
return eaze(state1).to(2, {x:stage.stageWidth});
private function heroHurt():void {
private function heroAttack():void {
private function coinTouched(contact:b2Contact):void {
trace('coin touched by an object');