Haxepunk example demos by DaVince
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Haxepunk example demos

I made these demo games for myself in order to learn HaxePunk, but I think that they will very much be useful to other people as well, hence this upload.

It is likely that in the future, I will add more demos tackling different things.

Table of contents

  • Demo 01 - Scene & entity creation and destruction
  • Demo 02 - Keyboard input, sounds, collision, entities and their types
  • Demo 03 - 360 degree movement using trigonometry; setting sprite angles
  • Demo 04 - Nothing of note - sprite bouncing using a sine function
  • Demo 05 - Small shmup demo with different enemy types and movements
  • Demo 06 - Shmup demo, extended with sprite maps and Tiled map engine (through HaxePunkTmx)

How do I compile/run these?

  1. Get HaxePunk.
  2. Run lime test html5 (or whatever target you like).
  3. If you want to debug, run lime test html5 -debug instead.

These demos were written by DaVince for HaxePunk 4.x.
Please let me know if any of the demos break, contain mistakes, or if you have improvements.


The space ship graphics are borrowed under a free license from the classic MS-DOS game Tyrian and are copyright © Daniel Cook. The tile graphics in the Tiled maps are copyright © Nintendo; I will replace them with openly licensed graphics soon.