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Jam game made in 72 hours, toilet panic game made with LibGDX and Artemis-ODB. Tested for desktop and html5 via gwt.

This particular game uses odb 2.1 fluid entities!

Grab what you need!

Artemis Entity System takes a way a lot of the lifecycle management, and composition is a natural match for a time constrained Jam. While made in a rush, I hope this code gives you an idea or two how to benefit from using an entity system in your project.

Usage details

While the meat is with peeking at the systems and components, you might like to compile the game! The project was created on top of libgdx-artemis-quickstart, which uses gradle for build automation, and snapshot versions of artemis and libgdx. gradlew desktop:run should run the game. See the libgdx wiki for how to use gradle with your ide.

License summary

Code, graphics and sound are under a separate license. Feel free to do whatever with the code, the graphics however are copyrighted.

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