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Universal Pokemon Randomizer

By Dabomstew


Notice: New binary releases of the randomizer have been indefinitely suspended since 2016. This repository remains available to distribute source code and facilitiate forks.

For Program Users

If you're looking to actually use the randomizer as opposed to looking at the source code, you're reading the wrong readme file. This file shouldn't be included in official releases, but if it is, head on over to README.txt instead.

Fair Warning

This GitHub repo will have live updates to the randomizer as I program them, but it won't be at all pretty. Expect lots of spaghetti code and very little use of best practices. Individual commits may well break randomization, so you might have to look back in the history a little before you find something usable.


Fork as you like, as long as you obey the terms of the included license.

Pull Requests

If you have fixed a bug or made a cool new feature, feel free to send in a pull request for me to review. Pull requests will be accepted/denied completely at my own discretion and may not be responded to in a timely manner if I'm busy.

Pull Requests that will probably be accepted:

  • Well-made new features: they should obviously be free from bugs to your knowledge. If applicable, they should be universal (major features such as randomizing a new aspect of the games fall under this, while more minor one-off settings / misc tweaks can be for only one game or one generation if appropriate)
  • Bug fixes

Pull Requests that will probably be denied:

  • Anything that's just pure refactoring, unless you have very good reasoning for its inclusion. Sorry, but you will need to convince me that it's necessary.
  • Code that is blatantly stolen from somewhere else without appropriate credit.