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Incremental backup tool for MongoDB
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Incremental backup tool for MongoDB


Mongobackup is an external tool performing full & incremental backup. Backup are stored on the filesystem and compressed using the lz4 algorithm. Full backup are done by performing a file system copy of the dbPath and partial oplog dump is used for incremental backup.


  • Full & incremental backup
  • Point in Time restore for incremental & full backup
  • Backup separation by kind (e.g. daily, monthly, weekly, ...)
  • Partial dump of the oplog. Only the operations after the last known one are dumped
  • Secure backup by using [fsyncLock & fsyncUnlock] (
  • Avoid interacting with the primary node


Perform an incremental backup

./bin/mongobackup backup [--kind string] [--nocompress] [--nofsynclock] [--nostepdown]

Perform a full backup

./bin/mongobackup backup --full [--kind string] [--nocompress] [--nofsynclock] [--nostepdown]

Restore a specific backup

./bin/mongobackup restore --out string --snapshot string

Perform a point in time restore

./bin/mongobackup restore --out string --pit string

Delete a range of backup

./bin/mongobackup delete --kind string --entries string

Delete a specific backup

./bin/mongobackup delete --snapshot string

List available backups

./bin/mongobackup list [--kind string] [--entries string]

Sample configuration

Scheduling has to be performed using an external tool, e.g. cron Bellow a sample configuration for a daily backup where a full backup is performed once a week every Sunday and where we stored a daily backup for the last 7 days and a monthly backups for the last 13 months.

0 0 * * Sun     mongobackup backup --basedir /backup --full --kind daily   && mongobackup delete --basedir /backup --kind daily --entries '7-'
0 0 * * Mon-Sat mongobackup backup --basedir /backup --kind daily
0 0 1 * *       mongobackup backup --basedir /backup --full --kind monthly && mongobackup delete --basedir /backup --kind monthly --entries '13-'


The project is in version 0.01 and is currently not yet ready for production. If you are interested and want more information or want to participate, feel free to ping me ;)

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