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a vulkan post processing layer
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A Vulkan post processing layer. Currently, the only effects are Contrast Adaptive Sharpening and Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing.


This one of my first projects ever. Look at the code at your own risk.


You need the Vulkan SDK to build this, and glslangValidator to compile the shader.

On Arch-based distributions, they can be installed with:

pacman -Syu glslang vulkan-headers vulkan-tools vulkan-validation-layers

On Fedora, they can be installed with:

sudo yum install vulkan-headers vulkan-tools vulkan-validation-layers

On Solus, they can be installed with:

sudo eopkg it vulkan-headers vulkan-tools vulkan-validation-layers

Simply use



make install


Enable the layer with the environment variable. First, check if the game is 64-bit or 32-bit.

For 64-bit:


For 32-bit:

ENABLE_VKBASALT32=1 yourgame

with Steam, edit your launch options, e.g.:

ENABLE_VKBASALT=1 %command% 


The sharpening strength can be changed in ~/.local/share/vkBasalt/vkBasalt.conf for all games. If you want to make changes for one game only, you can create a file named vkBasalt.conf in the working directory of the game and change the value there.

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