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Widget for using JQuery plugin "Pines Tags" with Yii-Framework
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I just quickly wrote a widget for the JQuery plugin Pines Tags. Pines Tags is a beautiful and easy to use plugin. Even so, this widget is very easy to use.

The Pines Tags plugin is untouched.

Have a look at the Github Repo.


Yii 1.1 or above.


Just extract in your extensions directory and use it like every other widget:

    'value'=>'action,bruce fucking willis,awesome,explosions,dead terrorists',

value are the tags seperated by delimiter(standard: ",") "hardcoded" into the value of the input tag. You can leave it empty and use the tags option if you want to submit an array.

Options are the same as pines tags offers, but without the ptags_-prefix:

    'tags' => array(),
        'current_text' => true,
        'delimiter' => ",",
        'trim_tags' => true,
        'show_box' => false,
        'input_box' => true,
        'remover' => true,
        'editable' => true,
        'sortable' => false,


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