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This is just al wrapper for the awesome jQuery tooltipster plugin. Yes, you are right: this plugin will display nice tooltips :D

Wanna see a demo?

Wanna fork yii-tooltipster or tooltipster on github?


Yii 1.1 or above


Just call the widget once:


By default this will create a simple tooltip for every element with the class tooltipster:

<a href="" class="tooltipster" title="This is my link's tooltip message!">

<div class="tooltipster" title="This is my div's tooltip message!"> 
    <p>This div has a tooltip when you hover over it!</p>

Advanced options

There are two possible options: the identifier and an options-array.


The identifier can be a css class or a id. Also you can use the options-array to submit all options tooltipster can work with (check the docs).

<a href="" class="lolcat" title="This tooltip should be on the right side!">

Default options:

 $_default_options = array(
        'animation' => 'fade',
        'arrow' => true,
        'arrowColor' => '',
        'autoClose' => true,
        'content' => null,
        'contentAsHTML' => false,
        'contentCloning' => true,
        'debug' => true,
        'delay' => 200,
        'minWidth' => 0,
        'maxWidth' => null,
        'functionInit' => 'js:function(origin, content) {}',
        'functionBefore'=>'js:function(origin, continueTooltip) { continueTooltip(); }',
        'functionReady' => 'js:function(origin, tooltip) {}',
        'functionAfter'=>'js:function(origin) {}',
        'hideOnClick' => false,
        'icon' => '(?)',
        'iconCloning' => true,
        'iconDesktop' => false,
        'iconTouch' => false,
        'iconTheme' => 'tooltipster-icon',
        'interactive' => false,
        'interactiveTolerance' => 350,
        'multiple' => false,
        'offsetX' => 0,
        'offsetY' => 0,
        'onlyOne' => false,
        'position' => 'top',
        'positionTracker' => false,
        'positionTrackerCallback' => 'js:function(origin){ if(this.option(\'trigger\') == \'hover\' && this.option(\'autoClose\')) { this.hide(); } }',
        'restoration' => 'current',
        'speed' => 350,
        'timer' => 0,
        'theme' => 'tooltipster-default',
        'touchDevices' => true,
        'trigger' => 'hover',
        'updateAnimation' => true


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