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Navmesh compiler for the Dæmon engine
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The navmesh compiler for Unvanquished.

DaemonMap is a q3map2 fork from NetRadiant tree, with navmesh computation code by Fuma using recastnavigation.

Everything else than navmesh code was removed but original file layoutd was kept, allowing code exchange with NetRadiant upstream if required.

Use q3map2 from Xonotic's NetRadiant tree for every other task like bsp compilation, vis computation, light casting etc.

The navmesh settings are currently hardcoded with Unvanquished models and sizes.

Fetch & Build

git clone --recurse-submodules
cd daemonmap
cmake -H'.' -B'build' -G'Unix Makefiles'
cmake --build 'build' -- -j"$(nproc)"


build/daemonmap -game unvanquished -nav /path/to/maps/mapname.bsp


build/daemonmap --help
build/daemonmap --help nav

No future

This tool is made to be deleted one day because the only way for a game to get proper navmeshes after having modified model size or added or removed models is to get the navmeshes produced by engine using game code settings. That's why there is no effort to merge this code into NetRadiant upstream since this tool is a temporary hack.

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