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A command line tool for ID3/Ogg tag editing. It features pattern matching and recursive directory traversal. It is suitable for editing single files and tagging en masse.
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	To use Audiotag, you must have:

	1. Perl >= 5.6
	2. At least one of...
	   - id3tag and id3info (from id3lib, in $PATH
	   - vorbiscomment (from vorbis-tools, in $PATH
	   - metaflac (from flac, in $PATH

	Just copy `audiotag' to /usr/local/bin (or somewhere in your $PATH)

	% audiotag [OPTION]... [FILE]...

	tip: Always use the -p option before running it for real!


	Set GENRE to "Metal"
	% audiotag -g Metal *.mp3 *.ogg

	Guess and set TRACKNUM - guess track uses the simple pattern '(\d\d)'
	% audiotag -G *.mp3 *.ogg

	Set TITLE based on a pattern match of the filename - This example would
	work for files with a name in the form "Mudvayne - 01. Shadow of a Man.ogg"
	% audiotag --title-pattern '.*?\d\d\. (.*?)\.ogg' *.ogg

	Same as above, but don't really do anything, just see what it WOULD do
	% audiotag --pretend --title-pattern '.*?\d\d\. (.*?)\.ogg' *.ogg

	Rename files based on their meta-data, so the filenames are in the form:
	"TRACKNUM. Artist (Album Name) Song Title.ogg"
	eg. "02. Tool (Undertow) Prison Sex.ogg"
	% audiotag --rename-files --rename-pattern '%t. %a (%A) %s' *.ogg

	- comment field support isn't fully functional for MP3s, because, for some
	  reason, comment fields in MP3s are key/value pairs...  which doesn't
	  translate to ogg and flac.  And id3tag doesn't support MP3 comment fields
	  very well to begin with either.

	- the --rename-files option will fail(ungracefully) if illegal filename
	  characters are in a track's meta-data, eg. '/' on *nix(and most other
	  systems), or '\' on 'doze(but who cares?).

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