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_MSG_UPDATE=" - Make sure to run pkgfile --update before use"
_MSG_CRON=" - An entry has been placed in /etc/cron.daily to run pkgfile --update
If you do not want this functionality, set UPDATE_CRON=0 in /etc/pkgtools/pkgfile.conf"
_MSG_HOOK=" - pkgfile includes a \"command not found\" hook for both zsh and bash.
This will automatically run pkgfile whenever you run
a command which the shell cannot find. If you want
this functionality, set CMD_SEARCH_ENABLED to 1 in
/etc/pkgtools/pkgfile.conf (or per-user by copying
that file to \${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/pkgtools/pkgfile.conf), then
in your current shell run:
source /etc/profile"
is_update_from() {
res="`vercmp $1 $2`"
case $res in
'-1'|'0') return 0;;
'1') return 1;;
## arg 1: the new package version
post_install() {
echo "$_MSG_UPDATE"
echo "$_MSG_HOOK"
echo "$_MSG_CRON"
## arg 1: the new package version
## arg 2: the old package version
post_upgrade() {
if is_update_from $2 11-1; then
echo " - All bugs related to pkgfile -b should be fixed in this update."
if is_update_from $2 12-1; then
echo " - NOTE: pkgtools' \"command not found\" hook configuration has changed."
echo " Please remove any old symlinks relating to it."
echo "$_MSG_HOOK"
if is_update_from $2 15-1; then
echo " - pkgtools now uses \$XDG_CONFIG_HOME for all user-specific configuration."
echo " run «mv ~/.pkgtools \"\$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/pkgtools\"»"
if is_update_from $2 18-1; then
echo " - newpkg has been rewritten to be completely modular. See here for more info:"
if is_update_from $2 19-1; then
echo " ! This version contains an important bugfix for pkgfile. Previously, package updates would cause the pkgfile --update cron job to"
echo " regain +x mode, causing updates to run even when manually disabled. This version disables the cronjob by setting UPDATE_CRON=0"
echo " in /etc/pkgtools/pkgfile.conf"
echo " - This version of pkgtools contains a new tool called 'maintpkg'"
echo " It sets the Maintainer in a PKGBUILD to your PACKAGER while preserving old Contributors"
if is_update_from $2 22-1; then
echo " - This is the largest release in a long time. This updates all python scripts to py3k."
echo " - This version of pkgtools includes a new tool called gem2arch, for automating ruby gem packaging"
## arg 1: the old package version
post_remove() {
cat << _EOM
- You may want to clean /var/cache/pkgtools/lists
# vim:set ts=2 sw=2 et filetype=sh:
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