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StarUML Teamwork-Server

Version 0.1.2 - There may be bugs. Please report an issue so they can be fixed.

StarUML Teamwork-Server is an extension for the modelling tool which provides the option to add a central repository for storing your work or Project on a git-Repository. The communication with the Git-Repository is done over StarGit which is based on ryanackleys git-html5.js.

By installing and using this extension you can define a git-Repository to use and add Projects to it. The moment you create a new Teamwork-Project you can lock single elements of your project and also the whole Project. Changes made can be committed to the server without merge-conflicts because of the locks.

Configure a Teamwork-Server

1) Teamwork -> Configure Teamwork-Server
2) Enter the required data like Repo-Url, Username and Password, Local Working-Directory

Create a new Teamwork-Project

1) Teamwork -> Create Teamwork-Project
2) Enter a name
3) Confirm
You have to create a Project before you can open one!

Open a Teamwork-Project

1) Teamwork -> Open Teamwork-Project...
2) Select a Project from the Dropdown-Menu
2) Confirm

Un-/Lock an Element

1) Right-Click on an Element or Diagram
2) Click 'Lock Element' or 'Unlock Element'

Commit/Update a Project

Teamwork -> Commit changes
Teamwork -> Update Project

Show/Hide Teamwork-View

View -> Teamwork-Info
Clicking the Teamwork-View-Icon