Java Utilities for DirectDrawSurface texture management
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DDS-Utils are a selection of tools to work with DirectDrawSurfaces textures in Java.

DDS-Utils Provides

  • Badds - Batch a DDS, Rescale and Batch-process DDS-files.
  • Radds - Review a DDS, Lightweight DDS-viewer
  • Dropps - Simple DDS-image-converter
  • DDSUtil - Wannabe-library for DDS-conversion

Each subproject has its own project folder in the repository. I use eclipse to check each one out. The Tools require the DDSUtils-project in their buildpath.


The project stem from some hobby work I did in summer 2008. Out of boredom I wanted to be able to load DDS files in Java and write tools for reviewing and processing in Java. This was my first own bigger java project and therefore I'm sure there are things that can be nicer and I'm open for feedback and criticism.

More Information

Please see the wiki


DDS-Utils are written by Daniel Senff


Released under a GNU General Public License v3.