providers a commandline tool and a growl plugin to send notifications with a configurable icon (psd,jpg,pdf,icns) to the mountain lion notification center
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Signed-off-by: Dominik Pich <>


this project providers a commandline tool and a growl plugin to send notifications with a configurable icon (psd,jpg,pdf,icns) to the mountain lion notification center and specify an app/file path or url to open on click! Apart from this tool, this repository holds a plugin for the growl app that forwards ANY growl notification to the ML notification center (the click handling will not be perfect here because I dont need it but it could easily be added)

example usage

the CLI tool included can be called from terminal, from a shellscript or applescript or cocoa. For use in scripts it should be installed by copying the file to /usr/bin

e.g. from terminal, to have a notification seem to come from apple mail:

hostname:~ user$  MountainNotifier 'New Mail' 'One new Mail by Dominik' 'The mail's body starts with: Hi, growl is cool!'

You pass the tool 4 Parameters:

  • 1. the original caller: this can be an apple bundle identifier OR a unique string 'e.g. my super-tool', This identifier is used by Apple to decide which category in the sidebar a notification gets placed into.
  • 2. you pass the notification's title: any string
  • 3. you pass the notification's subtitle: any string
  • 4. you pass the notification's content. the message body: any string
  • 5. OPTIONALLY you can pass in the path or url of a icns file to be used for the notification and category icon. (If not specified BUT caller is a bundle identifier, the bundle's icon is used)

from an applescript you call it via 'do shellscript', in a shellscript the syntax is the same as in terminal and in cocoa you use the NSTask API to run it.

additional growl 1.3 plugin

I included a plugin for growl 1.3 (current appstore version) which sends ANY growl notification to the ML notification center.

With Growl running double click the MountianGrowlPlugin.growlView file to install it and enable it in growl's preferences so all notifications go the notification area (later on ;))

how it works (ruffly)

Same as other comparable projects, MountainNotifier has to deal with the ML notification API from Apple and suffers from its restrictions.

  • a) the API only accepts notifications from Cocoa Apps -- which MountainNotifier is not. No script is either :P
  • b) The Notification Center always uses the application’s own icon, there’s currently no way to specify a custom icon for a notification.

MountainNotifier works around both issues with an 'evil' but harmless hack :D (No system files are modified or so)
For every caller it shall post a notification for it writes a proxy app with the correct identifier and the specified icon. That proxy is then called to post the final notification to ML.

The proxy app's are in ~/Library/Application Support/MountainNotifier. (1 per caller)

Wrong Icon?

The ML notification center caches the icon foreach caller. that means that while MountainNotifier can change the icon for one caller multiple times, ML will NOT reflect that right away.
ML Notification center can have N callers but every caller has 1 icon.

A change of the caller's icon will only show up when the category is removed from the center and the system is rebooted (or maybe when the proxy app is deleted)

everything prebuilt as well

In the Downloads area there is all content built for 10.8. Nothing is code-signed though yet :)


  • Growl is originally from and is available under BSD
  • DDMinizip is available under the original libz license