cocoa-scripter allows you to use objective C as shell scripting language
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Signed-off-by: Dominik Pich <>


cocoa-interpreter allows you to use objective C as a shell scripting language.

so you can write scripts like the included DemoScript that dont need an include of cocoa, a main function or an autoreleasepool (thanks to ARC you dont need to worry about retsin/release for cocoa objects):


//check params
if(args.count != 1) {
    NSLog(@"This DemoScript need to be given a path to a PNG file thats 512x512 which it turns into an icns file"); 
    return -1;

//print all command line args (the args array is automatically set)
NSArray *testArray = [args copy];
for(id s in testArray) {
    NSLog(@"arg: %@",s);


//use filemgr
id attribs =  [[NSFileManager defaultManager] attributesOfItemAtPath:programPath error:nil];
NSDate *modDate = [attribs fileModificationDate];

//run alert
NSUInteger ret = NSRunAlertPanel(@"modDat"e, [modDate description], @"OK", nil, nil);

//convert img to icon

installation and usage

The included installer package (under Downloads) will copy the 64bit executable of cocoa-interpretr to /usr/bin/ so that in shell scripts we can reference it as a shell interpreter. IF you move it to a different path, you have to specify that path in your script. e.g.:


Alternatively you can also invoke it and pass it a path TO a script

~:: cocoa-interpreter <PATH_TO_FILE>


the code is available under the MIT license