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import React, { Component } from 'react';
import PropTypes from 'prop-types';
import isEmpty from 'lodash.isempty';
import customPropTypes from '../shared/propTypes';
class ErrorsBlock extends Component {
static isFormErrors = true;
static propTypes = {
className: PropTypes.string,
errorClassName: PropTypes.object, // eslint-disable-line react/forbid-prop-types
errors: customPropTypes.errors,
errorStyle: PropTypes.object, // eslint-disable-line react/forbid-prop-types
names: PropTypes.arrayOf(PropTypes.string), // eslint-disable-line react/no-unused-prop-types
style: PropTypes.object, // eslint-disable-line react/forbid-prop-types
static defaultProps = {
className: undefined,
errorClassName: undefined,
errors: undefined,
errorStyle: {},
names: undefined,
style: {},
render() {
const { errorClassName, errorStyle, errors, className, style } = this.props;
if (isEmpty(errors)) return null;
// "When you don’t have stable IDs for rendered items, you may use the item index as a key as a last resort.
// We don’t recommend using indexes for keys if the items can reorder, as that would be slow."
// There will rarely be more than a few errors for a field, and forcing unique ID
// generation for them would be arbitrary and unnecessary. So we'll use the index.
return (
<div className={className} style={style}>
{, index) => {
return (<div key={index} className={errorClassName} data-name={} style={errorStyle}>{error.message}</div>); // eslint-disable-line react/no-array-index-key
export default ErrorsBlock;