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This is a maintenance project of DaisyDiff in Java. The initial commit is a checkout of version 1.2 of old DaisyDiff project.

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Standalone usage

java -jar daisydiff-1.2-NX4-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar [oldHTML] [newHTML] [optional arguments]

Optional Arguments:

  • --file=[filename] - Write output to the specified file.
  • --type=[html/tag] - Use the html (default) diff algorithm or the tag diff.
  • --css=[cssfile1;cssfile2;cssfile3] - Add external CSS files.
  • --output=[html/xml] - Write html (default) or xml output.
  • --q - Generate less console output.


java -jar daisydiff-1.2-NX4-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar --css=

Requirements: Java 1.5 or 6

Embedded usage


 * Diffs two html files, outputting the result to the specified consumer.
public static void diffHTML(InputSource oldSource, InputSource newSource, ContentHandler consumer, String prefix, Locale locale) throws SAXException, IOException;

 * Diffs two html files word for word as source, outputting the result to
 * the specified consumer.
public static void diffTag(String oldText, String newText, ContentHandler consumer) throws Exception;


Requirements: Java 1.5 or 6

To run Daisy Diff embedded in your application, you don't need the entire Jar file. A much smaller Jar file without Xerces and NekoHtml will suffice.


The DaisyDiff algorithm has been integrated in MediaWiki. However, it had major errors and has been pulled out. More info at See also


  • Guy Van den Broeck
  • Daniel Dickison
  • Antoine Taillefer
  • Thomas Roger