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Dakara Online Game Server
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Dakara Online Server (English)

By Alejandro Santos @alejolp, the Argentum Online, and the Dakara Online development teams.

This is the Dakara Online C++ server. The source code is a migration from the original Visual Basic 6 by using a source code translator.


You need CMake, Libevent2, and boost >= 1.49.

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

Windows EXE 64 Bits

You can find a Debug EXE build here:

Libevent for Windows can be found with Nuget:


Join the mailing list at:

Servidor de Dakara Online (Español)

Servidor de Dakara Online en C++. El código fuente es una migración del código original en Visual Basic 6 por medio de una herramienta de conversión de código.

Cómo contribuir

Unite a la lista de correos en:


Affero GNU GPL v3.

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