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Getting Started with AngularJS UI Router

This repository accompanies a video tutorial designed to get you set up with the basics of using UI Router to add stateful routing to a simple application.


Fork and clone this repository and run:

cd getting-started-with-angular-ui-router
npm install

Visual Studio Code Snippets

The tutorial uses Visual Studio Code, an open source editor developed by Microsoft using the Atom Shell. I've included snippets within this repository that can be used with Visual Studio Code to speed up the process of working with Angular to add states to your application.

The snippets will be especially helpful in setting up the tests for your new UI router routes. The snippets make it SUPER SIMPLE to setup tests for your routes. It could take you quite a while to set these up on your own and you might not even do it. It's important to have tests and in the end it's a lot of syntactical details that you don't really need to remember, so having snippets to make your tests can really help.

To add the snippets to your installation of Visual Studio Code, go to Code>Preferences>User Snippets, type in JavaScript and select it. Once that file opens, you can copy the contents of the javascript.json file in the snippets folder inside this repository and paste it into your own javascript.json file. After it is saved, you should be able to use the same snippets I've used in this tutorial.

Master/Solution Branches

If you'd like to follow along with the tutorial, use the master branch. It is in the state it should be at the beginning of the tutorial. If you'd like to see where you're headed, you can switch to the solution branch to take a look at how we've implemented UI router to add tabbed navigation to our app.