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FTAG Client

######(Folder/Manga Tagger)

FTAG is a system designed to manage manga/doujinshi.
Both the design and code is heavily based on shimmie2, which in turn was based off Danbooru.

Current Status

Currently Inactive (Since Nov-2014) - Lost my drive for the idea. Might continue at later date.
The shimmie version is still being worked on now and again.

Not usable.
Basic imageboard has been implemented, but need to convert this to some kind of manga manager.

This is mainly a project for me to force myself to learn more about Perl. So apologies for the rather poor/messy code.


What does FTAG stand for?

FTAG stands for "Folder Tagger".
The original version of this project I started in November 2012 was built to handle folders (and not ZIPs as it is now). Over time I moved completely over to using ZIP, but I had grown to like the FTAG acronym, so I decided to keep it.

This is based off shimmie2?

"Kind of". My original FTAG Project ran off a custom version of shimmie2. This was great and all, but it still required that you had a running webserver + PHP/MySQL, Perl etc etc etc. This is kind of a wall for those that just wanted a simple manga organizer.

This perl version kind of sprouted from the luck of finding Mojolicious::Lite for perl, which has a built-in webserver. It means at the end of all of this all, I can package (nearly) everything into one .EXE/whatever and it will run.

Why not just make something with a shiny GUI and go with that instead of having to run a local server?

Well there is a few reasons, the main one being that you wouldn't be able to access it from say, a mobile device. The use of a custom URI+site made it possible to say, make the entire project work on other devices without much effort (assuming you know how to play about with network shares).