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A simple static website generator written in Elixir
Elixir HTML
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Serum is a simple static website generator written in Elixir.

Like some of other static website generators, Serum focuses on blogging. And if you know how to write markdown documents and how to handle EEx templates, you can easily build your own website.


Codes in the master branch are currently undergoing HUGE changes toward "Serum 2.0," so don't expect anything would work properly. Also, I'm not going to accept any issue or pull request regarding "Serum 2.0" until things are kinda ready.

In the meantime, since codes for the existing Serum 1.x versions are still maintained in the v1/master branch, you are welcome to open any issue or pull request related to Serum 1.x. Just make sure you set the target base branch to v1/master, not master, when opening pull requests.

I apologize for your inconvenience!

Getting Started

Use Mix to install the Serum installer archive from Hex.

$ mix archive.install hex serum_new

You can now use Mix task to create a new Serum project.

$ mix /path/to/new_website

cd into the new project directory and install Serum.

$ cd /path/to/new_website
$ mix do deps.get, deps.compile

Try building the website, or spin up the development server.

# Your website will be built at /path/to/new_website/site
$ mix

# Your website will be built and served at http://localhost:8080
$ mix serum.server

Please visit the official website for more guides and documentations.


Copyright (c) 2019 Eunbin Jeong (Dalgona.)

MIT License. Read LICENSE for the full text.

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