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This is a bot for converting x- or z-sampa to IPA, or converting a custom ascii notation to standard PIE notation. Useful for e.g. linguistics and conlanging, and for creating powerful unicode emoticons.

Simply type your ascii inside // or [] with a prefixed x, z or p for x-sampa, z-sampa and PIE-notation respectively.
For instance:
x[sts_>q_hts_ht_hx] gives [st͡sʼqʰt͡sʰtʰx]
x/dZAn "m{d@n/ gives /d͡ʒɑn ˈmædən/
p[x2"owis x1"ek'wo:s-kve] gives *h₂ówis h₁é"kwōs-kʷe

Guides to these systems can be found here:
For the PIE notation:

  • a preceding " is acute accent
  • a following : is the macron
  • a following . is the syllabicity marker
  • h always becomes superscript and v is superscript w.
  • Palato-velars are marked with a following ' and x1, x2, x3 etc. yields the laryngeals, with x@ for the subscript a laryngeal, and xx for an unknown laryngeal.

This is best learned by experimenting.

Inuktitut Syllabics:

Iñupiatun Orthography:

  • & for miniscule ł
  • l% and n% for ł and ñ each
  • g^, l^, &^ (or l%^ and l^%) n^, and r^ for ġ ḷ ł̣ ŋ ȓ each

These conversions were originally taken from xsduan/conniebot, and the discord bot Tuugaalikkuluk (thanks!) But have later divirged a bit.

To use the bot I run an instance at, you can invite it to a room or DM it to use the converter. Or you can read the setup instructions below to host your own!


  1. Copy config.json.example to config.json
  2. Change the homeserver value to your homeserver api url (i.e "")
  3. Change the token value to your users token. see for how to get one.
  4. npm install and npm start

You could also build a docker image but you're on your own there!


npm install and npm start

If you use nix you can run shell.nix to get node and npm in your environment.
If you use direnv you can also load the shell automatically

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