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Smart-Data-Hack-2016 (Edinburgh, 15-19th Feb 2016)

5-day hackathon during Innovative Learning Week (ILW) at the University of Edinburgh
Demo here - If you want to try it out yourself, just download the project and open index.html in your browser.

We built a visualization tool for the history of contributions/edits/additions/changes in OpenStreetMaps. Our project uses latest OSM data (obtained dynamically via an API) to display history of contributions to the map in a given area.

Everything is rendered on top of current OpenStreetMap tiles. We allow the user to click through and view changes done in a given time period and we also provide a 'play button' to show an animation.
We believe that this is a great way to show the impact that OSM contributors have.

In addition to that, we extended our map by creating a layer with available water points in Africa (we had to pre-download this data due to its size). This allows anybody to easily find close water sources.
Although we focused on water wells, this idea can be easily extended to show any kind of information recorded in OSM data, such as hospitals, landmarks, railways,...

Technologies used: OpenStreetMaps, Leaflet, Mapbox + OSM API, OSM XML, OSM PBF + jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, Material design, Python,...

Team: Dalimil Hajek, Aiden Kwok, Tilly Dyson, Rufat Ismaylov


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Beta: Smart Data Hack 06


Smart Data Hack 2016 (Edinburgh, 15-19th Feb 2016)



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