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Block Keeper

Block Keeper is a cross platform desktop cubing timer. Block Keeper provides an event based session system with an elegant interface to provide relevant statistics and tools for speedcubing.

alt text

Main Features:

  • Cross platform support, Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • Completely offline and no Java required
  • Customizable event based session organization
  • Simple and stylish interface with multiple themes
  • Scrambler for all WCA events and more
  • WCA inspection support with voice announcements
  • Blind and one handed event accommodations
  • Event and session results graphs
  • Video recorder to view and save last solve
  • Stackmat support
  • Session import and export

If you encounter any bugs, issues or want to suggest any improvements, please let me know so I can make Block Keeper even better. You can contact me on Twitter @dmcneil_ or email


An extensive guide for using Block Keeper is available here.


A pre-compiled version of Block Keeper for Windows, MacOS and Linux is available here, or in the releases section.


Once you download the source from Github. Navigate to the downloaded folder using the command line and run the following command. You will need npm installed. All scripts use bash.

npm install

This will download and install the required packages, it may take some time to install everything.

Once that has finished use the following command to run and test the current source.

npm start

Use the following command to build a standalone application for the current platform.

npm run build

Use the setupVersion script to create standalone applications for all platforms in a dist folder. This will also format package.json, updates.json and the created applications for release. jq is required.

./formatVersion 'versionNumber'

To generate documentation from docs/, use the make script. This requires pandoc.


A debug console is available to use for debugging and other purposes. In the title-bar select Window > Toggle Dev Tools.


Dallas McNeil (

James Hamm (

Mano Ségransan (

Nicolas Brassard (

A huge thanks to the people who made these fantastic libraries, tools and assets, which make Block Keeper possible.

Tools and Libraries



Block Keeper is licensed under the GNU General Public License.