Small OS X app that 'overflows' your trash onto the desktop as it becomes too full
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Overflow treats your trash like it should be. Pile too much up and it's bound to fall out. Keep your trash under control or your dektop will be full of clutter. For best results, add this application to your Login Items in System Preferences under the Users and Groups section.


As your trash fills up, you run the risk of files spiling out onto the desktop. As more and more files end up in your trash, the chance of files falling out and the number of files that can fall out increases. Files that have fallen out will be labeled as "CRUMPLED" so you know they have fallen out.

![alt tag]( Example.gif)

Overflow reminds you to empty your trash every now and again to conserve storage space.

Overflow is a menu bar application and can be disabled and terminated through the menu.


Overflow requires Xcode 7.x to build. All project files should be configured correctly.

A prebuilt copy of Overflow is available here.

System requirements

Requires OS X 10.8 or greater

Have fun! :)