The Octopus Deploy Powershell module
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OctoPosh: The Octopus Deploy Powershell Module

Octoposh is a Powershell module that provides cmdlets to interact with Octopus Deploy. All the cmdlets included rely on the Octopus .NET client.

Getting Started


Check our docs site to learn how to use each cmdlet and some other avanced usages:

Questions y feature requests

If you want to request a cmdlet or a feature, or you just wanna ask how to do something with the module, drop by our Gitter channel and ask there:

Join the chat at

Your questions will help shape up the module according to the needs of the community, so don't be a stranger!


Build status
Documentation ReadTheDocs Documentation Status


This is an open source project which is NOT supported by the Octopus Deploy team. All questions/bugs about this module should be entered on this github project.