Simple 2D ORPG game engine written in VB.Net.
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Orion plus Game Engine

Simple 2D ORPG Game Engine written in VB.Net


What is it?

This is a tilebased 2D ORPG game engine. It features a client and server application setup with a basic GUI on both ends.

Game Features:

Basic Character Creation/Class Selection Movement/Attacking NPC/Computer Characters for attacking Items & Spells Housing Event System

Creation Features:

The client has editors for the world (maps), items, spells, animations, npcs, and more from the in game admin panel.

How do I use this software?

If you are a programmer then you will probably prefer to compile the most recent version from source. Download the engine here, open up the solution in Visual Studio compile both projects and start the client and server application. They should connect automatically. IP and Port options are stored in the root/data (files)/config.ini files.

How do I access the editors?

Log into the game with the client. On the server, open the player list, right click on your character and promote yourself to an admin. Go back to the client and tap Insert for each of the editor options.

Support & Updates:

The home for this engine is if you need support or tips in game creation feel free to visit us. If you find any bugs feel free to report them with the issue tracker.

Im working on updating it to a more useable base to use.