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Simple vueJS based command generator which I developed in order to learn vueJS a little bit more.
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Command generator for bug bounty/pentest related tasks

While bug bounty hunting you are usually using some kind of command line commands/tools like dirseach, wfuzz oder hydra. All those tools have a lot of arguments and by time it becomes irritating to write those commands. Especially if you arguments (wordlists, ...) alot. So I developed a simple vueJS based command generator for my needs.

You could use it as a base for you own workflow. What I use it for:

  • I have a module which generates report templates
  • I have a module for my private tools
  • I have a module for regular expressions I use a lot
  • I have a sqlmap command generator
  • I have a nmap command generator


  • adjust config.js
  • adjust wordlists and filenames
  • Install dependencies: npm install
  • Build project: npm run build


I build the project locally and uploaded commited the dist folder also - so you dont need to install npm etc if you just want to take a look. But if you need to adjust settings, paths, ... there is no other option then adjusting vue files and rebuilding it.


After building the project, you will find a dist/ folder in the root which contains two files. One is an index.html which can be opened with a webbrowser.


I uploaded the current version here:

What you need to know

I won't add more modules to this public version because everyone uses other commands/tools and has its own workflow.

Additionally: The dirsearch version used here for command generation is my own fork:

The main difference is - it has more then only GET http method.

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