Embedable scripting engine for C++ with C/C++ syntax
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Owl Scripting Language (OwlSL)

Read more at: http://owlsl.blogspot.com.ar/

This is a scripting engine I wrote in my spare time, for fun. It’s my first attempt at writing a scripting system and it's very unoptimized but it could serve well for non time-critical stuff like program initialization/configuration and UI management.


  • zlib License.
  • Strongly Typed C++/C# like syntax.
  • if/else, for, while, switch control structures.
  • Method overloading.
  • Can be easily embeded in any c++ application.
  • Has methods for helping interfacing c++ quite easily
  • Script Callbacks
  • Compiles on windows and linux.
  • UTF16 strings
  • Can parse UTF16 script files.

What it lacks:

  • Namespaces
  • Inheritance
  • Some keywords (break, continue, etc)

Visual Studio 2008 Express solution file can be found in: current/test/script_hello_world/win32/vs2008/hello_world.sln

Code::Blocks workspace file can be found in: current/test/script_hello_world/linux/codeblocks/hello_world.workspace

Special thanks to all the programmers around the world who have shared their knowledge and wisdom, to the entire open source community and to the following sites:

gamedev.net stackoverflow.com codeproject.com