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LibreEOL is an innovative online assessment system based on HTML5, CSS2/3, PHP5 and Ajax
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Developed and verified by Damiano Perri 2016-2019 and Osvaldo Gervasi

Version 2.7.4 - 21/06/2019

Other developers: Alessandro Moretti, Cristiano Regni, Emanuele Gragnoli , Giovanni Scieri, Luca Caprini , Matteo Botticchia , Riccardo Gai , Tommaso Giorni


LibreEol is an innovative online assessment system based on HTML5, CSS2/3, PHP7 and Ajax
LibreEOL allows to carry out tests related to exams of various type (University courses, professional certifcations, language skill assessment, etc)
The E-assessment is foundamental in modern teaching/e-learning approaches, in fact it ensures:

  • The deployment of exams in a very fast way, particularly in cases where the number of students are very high
  • A standardization of tests carried out by teachers
  • A simplifcation in tests deployment procedures
  • A process speed up in publishing the results

LibreEol is a web application that represents a complete environment for performing the e-assessment of a large number of students who access the system from computer labs, under the control and the supervision of the examiner/teacher.
Presently it has 10 diferent types of questions with which the teacher can express questions and responses
Each student is assigned an individual test.
Each Exam has associated a univocal password the student has to specify to access the test.
The questions of the test are fshed up from a set of questions the teacher defned for the topics of the named subject, classifying each question according to 3 levels of difculty (low, medium, high).
LibreEol may support multiple languages for each question (For each question is defned in the reference language and related translations)
Exams are defned with various settings (type of students registration automatic/ manual, topics selected, evaluation metric, optional bonus, editable score, etc)
Reports may be produced to show trends and results


The exams page:

The home page:

A student's test:

Third-party Software

Autoresize jQuery Textarea Auto-Resize Plugin Author: Beans & Curry Homepage: License: MIT License Location: /public/libs/autoresize.jquery.js

CKEditor A ready-for-use HTML text editor designed to simplify web content creation Author: CKSource Homepage: License: GPL, LGPL and MPL License Location: /public/ckeditor

Countdown Countdown timer for webpages Author: Mike Gieson Homepage: Location: /public/libs/countdown.js

Datatables jQuery Plugin that add advanced interaction controls to any HTML table Author: SpryMedia Ltd Homepage: License: MIT License Location: /public/libs/jquery.dataTables.min.js /public/libs/dataTables.jqueryui.js

jQuery Fast, small and feature-rich JavaScript library Author: The jQuery Foundation Homepage: License: jQuery License ( Location: /public/libs/jquery-1.11.1.min.js /public/libs/

jQuery UI Curated set of user interface interactions, effects, widgets, and themes built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library Author: The jQuery Foundation Homepage: License: jQuery License ( Location: /public/libs/jquery-ui.min.js

Lightbox_me An essential tool for the jQuery developer's toolbox Author: Buck Wilson Homepage: License: Apache Licence 2.0 ( Location: /public/libs/jquery.lightbox_me.js

Roxy Fileman A file browser for .NET and PHP, ready for use with CKEditor html editor Homepage: License: GPL v3 License Location: /public/fileman

ScrollTo Small and customizable jQuery plugin for scrolling elements or the window Author: Ariel Flasler Homepage: License: MIT License Location: /public/libs/jquery.scrollTo.min.js

Timepicker A Timepicker jQueryUI plugin added to jQueryUI Datepicker Author: Trent Richardson Homepage: License: MIT or GPL License Location: /public/libs/timepicker.js

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