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Ising Model is known as a mathematical model for ferromagnetic material.
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Ising Model in 2D

Author: Damodar Rajbhandari (


Spontaneous magnetization is a very peculiar property in ferromagnetic material. So, this phenomenon arose curiousity to many physicists in twentieth century. At that time, it did not have a perfect mathematical model to explain properly until Ernst Ising turn. He introduce a model which we now known as “Ising Model”. But, the credit goes to his doctorial advisor Wilhelm Lenz, who gave it as a problem to him.

Main Work

This is the numerical implementation of Ising model in 2D .


Lattice and Spin Model


Ferromagnetic Material


To show, there's a phase transition in 2D and to calculate the curie temperature 
(i.e. Critical Temperature)


Python v.3.5

Programming Approach

Object Oriented Programming

Thank you for reading!

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