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3D multiplayer online realtime game. Try it out at

Started December 2013

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Description: Mobamon stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena MONsters. It's basically a MOBA based on Pokémon. Two teams of 6 players enter an arena to defeat the other team by destroying their base.

The idea: We want to gather the fans of 2 famous franchises (Pokémon & League of Legends) in a fun MOBA game with a simplified gameplay to fit the youngest players skills. As fans from those games, we aim to keep the fun parts of both games as well as adding some new cool concepts!

One of our greatest ambitions is to allow the players to use their Pokémons from the original Nintendo GBA, DS and 3DS games! However, to do so, we should make a connection to the Pokémon Bank online service. That's why we're looking forward to being endorsed by Nintendo.


  • Creating the assets (3D models, animations, FX),
  • Developing a scalable and efficient networking system,
  • Learning Unity3D and Blender,
  • Adapting the gameplay from Pokemon to a real-time multiplayer game

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Mobamon is a fan made game, we own no rights. Pokémon is the property of Nintendo Inc. If you are a real fan, we encourage you to buy Pokémon games, just like we do.