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Tool for annotating images
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kImageAnnotator Build Status

Tool for annotating images

Version 0.1.0



kImageAnnotator depends on kColoPicker which needs to be installed before building kImageAnnotator. Install instructions can be found on the github page.

Building from source

  1. Get latest release from GitHub by cloning the repo:
    $ git clone
  2. Change to repo directory:
    $ cd kImageAnnotator
  3. Make new build directory and enter it:
    $ mkdir build && cd build
  4. Create the makefile and build the project:
    $ cmake .. && make
  5. Install shared library (not required when only using the example):
    $ sudo make install
  6. Run the example application:
    $ ./example/kImageAnnotator-example

Shared vs Static

You can either build the project as shared library by providing the flag -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON to cmake or -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=OFF to build as static library. When no flag is provided a static library is build. For windows we currenlty only support building as static library.

Integrate library

  1. Let cmake find the shared library, optionally with version
    find_package(kImageAnnotator ${KIMAGEANNOTATOR_MIN_VERSION} REQUIRED)

  2. Link the library with your application
    target_link_libraries(myApp kImageAnnotator)

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