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Change log

Release 1.6.0

  • Fixed: Translations not working for Windows and MacOS. (#164)
  • Fixed: AppImage update fails with "None of the artifacts matched the pattern in the update information". (#166)
  • Fixed: Wildcards in path are not resolved. (#168)
  • Fixed: CLI arg --rectarea doesn't work. (#170)
  • Fixed: Imgur Uploader on windows issue. (#173)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Unable to select number annotation when clicking on the number without background. (#46)

Release 1.5.0

  • New: Added Continues Build with Travis-CI that creates AppImages for every commit. (#63)
  • New: Added option to open image from file via GUI. (#60)
  • New: Added option to set next number for Numbering Paint Items via popup settings. (#59)
  • New: Added experimental Wayland support for KDE and Gnome DEs. (#56)
  • New: Metadata info for ksnip is now installed in the /usr/share/metainfo directory. (#66)
  • New: Added option to open image from file via CLI. (#71)
  • New: Instant saving captures without prompting for save location. (#61)
  • New: Scaling/resizing screenshots and items. (#79)
  • New: Added translation support. (#94)
  • New: Added Spanish, German, Dutch Norwegian and Polish translation. (#94)
  • New: Option to switch between dynamic and default painter cursor size. (#77)
  • New: Added RPM and DEB binaries to continues build.
  • New: Added blur annotation tool. (#109)
  • New: Added Windows support. (#113)
  • New: Added Continues build for Windows binaries. (#114)
  • New: Place time delay settings on Toolbar. (#91)
  • New: Add qt style switcher to configuration. (#137)
  • New: Add icons for dark theme. (#142)
  • New: Store imgur delete links. (#74)
  • New: Freeze image while selecting rectangular area. (#136)
  • New: Magnifying glass for snipping area. (#62)
  • New: Add MacOS support. (#125)
  • New: CI support for MacOS. (#126)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Keep number tool sequence consecutive after deleting item. (#7)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Added control for setting first number for numbering tool. (#7)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Text and Number tool have now noBorderAndNoFill type. (#22)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Double Arrow annotation tool. (#23)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Marker Rectangle and Ellipse annotation tool. (#26)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Add config option to setup blur radius. (#25)
  • Changed: Move and select operation are now combined under single tool. (#72)
  • Changed: Item selection is now based on item shape and not on item bounding rect. (#83)
  • Changed: Imgur upload now asks for confirmation before uploading. This can be disabled in setting. (#73)
  • Changed: CLI screenshots open now in editor when triggered without -s flag. (#103)
  • Changed: Default filename features now a more fine-grained time placeholder. (#110)
  • Changed: Console version output doesn't show build. (#121)
  • Changed kImageAnnotator: Blur tool is now preciser and fits the rect. (#28)
  • Changed kImageAnnotator: Enter finishes text input and shift-enter adds new line in Text Tool. (#30)
  • Changed kImageAnnotator: Text item draws border around the text when in text edit mode. (#34)
  • Fixed: Crash on Ubuntu 17.10 caused by null painterPath pointer in smoothOut method. (#67)
  • Fixed: Default filename for screenshot had one $ sign too many. (#68)
  • Fixed: Cancel on browse to save directory in settings dialog clears save path. (#69)
  • Fixed: About dialog not closing when close button is clicked. (#76)
  • Fixed: Undo move operation returns item to wrong location. (#84)
  • Fixed: Crash when adding an item after another item was moved and undone (#85)
  • Fixed: Crop tool not marking screenshot as unsaved after cropping (#99)
  • Fixed: Scale tool not marking screenshot as unsaved after scaling (#100)
  • Fixed: Running ksnip with -e flag and enabled capture screenshot on startup starts new screenshot. (#105)
  • Fixed: Triggering new capture discards unsaved changes. (#89)
  • Fixed: Text tool cannot be resized. (#111)
  • Fixed: Exe file not showing icon on windows. (#122)
  • Fixed: Buttons for text bold, italic and underlined are not correctly shown under windows. (#118)
  • Fixed: ksnip not running on windows when qt not installed. (#145)
  • Fixed: Imgur upload not working under windows. (#144)
  • Fixed: Snipping area with freezed background image not working. (#149)
  • Fixed: Snipping area cursor included in screenshot. (#148)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Double-click on annotation area causes SIGSEGV crash. (#29)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: CAPS LOCK doesnt work on image editor. (#27)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Unable to select text item when clicking on text. (#32)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Some blurs get removed when losing focus. (#35)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Right click on annotation items selects item but doesn't switch tool. (#40)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Copy number annotation item doesn't increment number. (#41)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Crash on startup after adding Blur Radius Picker. (#43)

Release 1.4.0

  • New: Info text (cursor position and selection area size) for snipping area cursor, can be enabled and disabled via settings.(#49)
  • New: Horizontal vertical guiding lines for snipping area cursor, can be enabled and disabled via settings. (#48)
  • New: Drop shadow for paint items, can be enabled and disabled via settings (#47)
  • New: Copy/past paint items. (#46)
  • New: Numbering paint item. (#45)
  • New: Arrow paint item. (#44)
  • New: Select multiple paint items and perform operation on all selected at once. (#42)
  • New: Run last or default capture on startup. (#40)
  • New: Run rect capture from command line. (#39)
  • New: Select between default and custom filename for saving screenshots. (#36)
  • New: Keyboard shortcuts for paint tools. (#43)
  • New: Bring to front and send to back paint items. (#31)
  • New: Configurable snipping cursor thickness and color. (#54)
  • Changed: Moving Ksnip from Qt4 to Qt5. (#22)
  • Fixed: Settings window left hand side menu is not correctly selected when opening first time. (#37)
  • Fixed: Snipping area not correctly shown when started on non-primary screen. (#52)
  • Fixed: Active window screenshot ignores delay. (#53)
  • Fixed: Rectangular area screenshot is shifted to the right of actual selected area. (#51)
  • Fixed: Snipping area not closing when pressing Esc on Ubuntu 16.04. (#57)

Release 1.3.2

  • Fixed: When compositor is disabled, rect are capture shows only black screen. Fix for Qt4 Ksnip version (#35)

Release 1.3.1

  • Fixed: Ksnip 1.3.0 fails to build - due to missing cmath library (#29)

Release 1.3.0

  • New: Drawing two shapes, ellipse and rectangle, with and without fill. (#21)
  • New: Customizable color and size (thickness) for drawing tools via button on main tool bar. (#25)
  • New: Writing text on screenshots, with customizable font, size, color etc. (#8)
  • New: Undo/Redo for paint and crop operations. (#5)
  • New: Smooth out free hand pen and marker lines (can be disabled in settings). (#16)
  • New: Print screenshot or save is to prf/ps. (#23)
  • Fixed: Second and subsequent crops don't move painter items correctly (#27)
  • Fixed: Confirming crop via keyboard doesn't close crop panel (28)

Release 1.2.1

  • Fixed: Ksnip 1.2.0 binary segfaults when compiled in x86_64 with -fPIC in gcc-5.4.0 (#20)
  • Fixed: Incorrect version number in "About" dialog.

Release 1.2.0

  • New: Added functionality to upload screenshots to in anonymous or account mode. (#14)
  • New: Capture mouse cursor on screenshot (feature can be enabled or disabled in settings). (#18)
  • New: In crop window the crop position, width and height can be entered in numeric values, to provide a more precise crop. (#17)
  • Changed: Settings Window Layout was changed and reorganized.
  • Fixed: Paint cursor was visible when capturing new screenshot.
  • Fixed: Crop could leave scene area.

Release 1.1.0

  • New: Cropping captured image to desired size. (#4)
  • New: Command line support, screenshotsa can be taken now from command line too. (#11)
  • New: Moving drawn lines to desired position by dragging. (#2)
  • New: Setting default save location, filename and format from settings window. (#9)
  • Changed: Capturing current screen captures now the screen where the mouse cursor is located.

Release 1.0.0

  • New: Screenshots from a custom drawn rectangular area.
  • New: Screenshots from the screen where ksnip is currently located (for multi monitor environments).
  • New: Screenshots from the whole screen, including all monitors.
  • New: Screenshot of currently active (on top) window.
  • New: Delayed captures.
  • New: Drawing on the captured screenshot with Pen or Marker with changeable color and size.
  • New: Saving ksnip location and selected tool and loading on startup.
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