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Ksnip follows the KDELibs (see
coding style, with a few exceptions:
1. The access modifier ordering is: public, public slots, signals,
protected, protected slots, private, private slots. Member variables
come come at beginning, before all member functions. This is not strictly
enforced, but is a good rule to follow.
2. Headers are cumulative, i.e., all headers that a particular class
requires, are #include-ed in the class's header file, not the .cpp
code file. The .cpp code file includes only one header, which is
its own .h file. E.g., a class Foo, defined in Foo.h, will have its
code in Foo.cpp, and Foo.cpp will #include only a single header
3. Member variables follow the format mCamelCase, and not m_camelCase
which is more common throughout the rest of the KDE Applications
4. Source files are mixed case, named the same as the class they
contain. i.e., SomeClass will be defined in SomeClass.cpp, not
5. Function parameters, if classes, should be past as const references, if
basic types like bool, int float, enum, can be passed by value. Functions
that do not change anything on the class (like getters), should be const.
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