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Imgur Uploader

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Uploading to Imgur
Ksnip provides the option to upload images to the file hosting site By default you can upload images in anonymous mode by selecting File -> Upload. When the upload was successful the image on will be opened in the default browser.

If you want all your screen shots to be uploaded to your imgur account, some additional steps are required. As ksnip is open source, sharing a unique client-id and client-secret would not be very secure and could potentially open the possibility for someone to get access to your imgur account without you allowing it. Therefor you must provide your own client-id and client-secret by registering a client, that can be done here: Register Imgur Client

In the window that opens you only need to provide following three parameters, the name and email address is up to you:

Client Registration on Imgur

After submitting your request, you should see following page with the client-id and client-secret:

Imgur Client-id and client-secret

Now let's hop to ksnip and open the settings window by selecting Options -> Settings, and when it's open, select Imgur Uploader on the left side in the list view. Here you see three text boxes of which the first two are of interest for us. Enter the client-id and client-secret in the appropriate window after which the Get PIN button should become available, click on it:

Ksnip settings

Clicking on Get PIN opens up the authorization page on imgur for your account, here you need to allow ksnip to access your account.

Imgur Authorization

If you click here on allow you will get a one-time PIN that you need to copy:

One-time PIN

Now with the copied PIN, let's go back to ksnip, we're almost done. Open the settings window in case it was closed meanwhile Options -> Settings, past the PIN in the appropriate window, the Get Token button should become available, click on it to request a token:

Ksnip settings, pin

After you have clicked Get Token the PIN Text box should be cleared and your Imgur Username should appear next to the username label, if yes, you're done and good to go.

Setting up ksnip done

All future uploads will go to your account expect if you select Force anonymous upload in the Imgur Uploader settings, in which case all images will be uploaded anonymously.

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