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HTML5 Messaging Demos

This is a self-contained project that is designed provide you a platform for experimenting with primarily WebSockets (as demonstrated at Web Directions Code 2012), although it could also be for demoing other concepts with server and client component. Once you hack through the code you'll probably get an idea how.


The demo console is powered using Node.js so you will need to have this installed on your machine to play around with it. Once you have this installed you should be able to clone this repo:

git clone git://

And once cloned, you will be able to install the required node modules to make the console work, by simply running npm install in the project directory:

cd messaging-demos
npm install

Running the Demo

Once installed you can run the demo by simply running:

node server.js

Once the demo is running, simply open index.html from the file system and you should be away.

Contributing / Tweaking Demos

This project is designed to provide you with a console for experimenting with websockets and creating a variety of demos around the technology. The demos are shown in the interface under the demos drop down menu, and are sourced from the lib/demos folder.

When a demo is selected, the console looks for client files (.js and .html files that might exist in the lib/demos/client folder). If these exists the contents of the files are transmitted to the client (via the websocket connection) and executed in conjunction with the server files.

Echo Demo

This is a simple demo that demonstrates how to use a web socket connection to send and receive data from both the server and the client.

Twitter Streaming Demo

This was the hero demo of the talk and shows how a websocket connection and the Twitter Streaming API can be used to return tweets matching your search criteria can be returned to the browser incredibly quickly.

Updating the Demo Console

To be completed.