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# grunt-rigger
-Rigging tasks for elegant includes
+This is a [grunt]( plugin for the [buildJS]( tool [rigger](
-## Getting Started
-Install this grunt plugin next to your project's [grunt.js gruntfile][getting_started] with: `npm install grunt-rigger`
+Rigger provides targetted include functionality (similar to [sprockets]( but with some additional functionality. A highlight of rigger functionality is outlined below:
-Then add this line to your project's `grunt.js` gruntfile:
+- Simple include format for including files using a special comment syntax (`//= foo.js`)
+- Ability to include remote resources as well as local: (``)
+- Ability to intelligently transpile from [coffee-script](, [stylus](, etc to their natural web equivalents (js, css, etc).
+## Usage
+To use `grunt-rigger` you will need to include it in your `package.json` file (I'd recommend under the `devDependencies` section):
+ "name": "myproject",
+ "devDependencies": {
+ "coffee-script": "1.3.x",
+ "grunt-rigger": "0.4.x"
+ },
+You will see in the example above, `coffee-script` is also included in the `devDependencies` section. In cases where you would like to leverage riggers ability to transpile files (e.g. `.coffee` => `.js`) you will need to include the appropriate node package in your `devDependencies` as these are not automatically included in rigger itself (to avoid library bloat).
+Using `grunt-rigger` within grunt itself is very simple. Consider the following sample `grunt.js` file:
-To get started with [rigger]( and `grunt-rigger` I highly recommend checking out [DerickBailey's]( excellent screencast:
+module.exports = function(grunt) {
+ grunt.initConfig({
+ rig: {
+ compile: {
+ 'dist/simple.js': 'src/simple.js'
+ }
+ }
+ });
+ grunt.loadNpmTasks('grunt-rigger');
+That should be pretty much it, if your source file contains any [rigger]( comments they will be parsed and executed accordingly.

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