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An experimental DSL for describing the surface of a JS api (in design stage)
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This is a work in progress attempt at creating a DSL that can be used to describe the exposed surface of a Javascript API.

Key Concepts

  • Whitespace sensitive DSL (blocks are space / tab indented)
  • Various (overloaded) function forms are indicated with a > character.
  • Function arguments are space delimited, and are described in name:type form. General thinking is that the name part is optional but better for generated documentation.
  • If not otherwise specified (e.g. function form character) then an indented section is markdown content.
  • No autolinking. Linking to defined types and methods can be done using a <syntax>.
  • Function macros can be defined through the !macro syntax, and then used with the fn!macro syntax. This is useful for efficiently describing multiple functions that use a similar format without having to repeat yourself. In the case where a macro is used, then the macro content will be appended to any defined for the specific case.

Working Example

As a working example, I have begun attempting to describe the surface of my simple matchme library. The in-progress definition, and a copy of the raw source can be found in the samples directory.

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