INPROGRESS: A high level description of what a messenger is
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The messenger Archetype

A messenger is simply a function that can be called to create a pull-stream Source and/or Sink. This source and sink can subsequently be used to send and/or receive messages. It's very simple.

A messenger function has the following signature:


and the callback when executed has the following signature:

fn(err, source, sink)

The idea being that when you require the ability to send and/or receive messages you call the messenger function which initialises and creates a new messenging channel. In general, you shouldn't care too much about whether the messenger closes and can simply buffer outgoing messages using something like pull-pushable. In the event that messenger is closed (you will be able to detect this in both the source and the sink), you simply want to call the messenger function again to reopen the connection.

Known Implementations

Complete (or at least usable)

Proposed / In Progress

No known implementations in progress.