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How Scaffolder Works

Scaffolder works by looking for all the files that are located in with the lib/commands folder within your project. A simple command handler is shown below:

// action description
exports.desc = 'Description for your command';

// any command specified nopt args
exports.args = {

// export runner = function(opts, callback) {
    // do stuff here - "this" is bound to a Scaffolder instance

As an example, if the above file was located in the lib/commands folder with the name build.js then when your command was run specifying the build command (e.g. yourcommand build) the above action would be invoked.

As denoted by the comments above, the desc export is used to give the task a description and the args export is used to specify types (as per `nopt`_ documentation) that are specifically related to this command.

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