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Once defined in the `args` export, any arguments that are parsed successfully from `process.argv` will be provided as part of the `opts` object that is passed into the `run` function declared in the command handler.
+## Overriding Scaffolder Defaults
+When scaffolder is run (using `require('scaffolder')()`) a number of default options are passed through, but these can be overriden by providing an options object. The defaults of this options object are shown below:
+ // an array of default command strings that will attempt to be invoked if no options are provided
+ defaultCommands: [],
+ // provide any default args that individual commands will incorporate / overwrite
+ defaultArgs: {},
+ // default nopt shorthand options
+ defaultShorthand: {},
+ // the path the scaffolder commands will be loaded from
+ commandPath: '', // defaults to the lib/commands folder of the project implementing scaffolder
## Scaffolder Helpers
When running an action, scaffolder provides a number of helper methods for performing common tasks.

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