Talk on some different angles for building web frontends
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Baking Web Frontends from Tasty Recipes

This is a high-level short presentation on some thoughts that I've had regarding how I'd like to build web-frontends without having to worry about all the guff that comes with a boilerplate. I'm not for one minute suggesting that using a boilerplate is a bad idea, but it would be nice to be able to cut some code and not have to worry about injecting it into the correct location in the boilerplate.

Additionally, when the boilerplate changes to ensure that it correctly deals with "new problems of the web" I can incorporate those changes with pretty much no effort.

Building the Presentation

This presentation is constructed using boxit, and can be forked built upon etc, simply follow the following instructions:

  • Clone the repo:
  • Install NPM dependencies (npm install)
  • Edit content (found in the src directory)
  • Rebuild the presentation (npm run-script generate)