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Tile5 - Alternative HTML5 Mapping

Tile5 Refresh

I'm currently doing a refresh on Tile5 to make it have some points of difference from other Mapping libraries. If you are looking for a great, stable mapping library, then I would recommend checking out LeafletJS. It is far and away the best choice.

Additionally, if you want to work with older version of Tile5 (unsupported) then the best place for you to start is probably the pre-refresh tag.

The new version will essentially abandon previous work using CSS3D transforms and focus purely on manipulating a <canvas> element to draw a tile layer with annotations. In summary it will:

- have Canvas and WebGL renderers only
- provide support for drawing non-mapping interfaces as well as maps

About Tile5

Tile5 is a progressive HTML5 mapping library that uses the stuff that "all the cool kids" are playing with and makes a mapping library with it.

  • Is it the most stable new mapping library on the planet. No. It isn't.
  • Is it the most activately maintained mapping library. Definitely not.
  • Is it the fastest mapping library around. It's pretty good, but probably not.

If you are up for a bit of experimentation with your mapping, and you are keen to see what is actually possible, then I'd certainly say have a play with Tile5. There are lots of other good libraries out there though, and I'll get a comparison up of them on the Sidelab blog as soon as I can.