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Bump versions like `npm version` but for all json configuration files
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VersionIt is a simple versioning helper inspired by the ultra useful npm version command. It performs two functions:

  • updates any valid JSON files in the current working directory with the updated version. A valid file is one that has a top-level version attribute.

  • tags the version control used in the cwd with the updated version, currently only git is supported, but implementing additional SCM taggers should be pretty simple.

Build Status

Why does VersionIt exist?

VersionIt has been written to provide the same functionality (and a little bit extra) provided by the npm version but in a package manager agnostic way. For instance, we have a number of package management solutions poppping up that use a similar approach to NPM but with different configuration files. Things such as:

Using VersionIt

To get started with VersionIt, first install it:

[sudo] npm install -g versionit

Once installed, you should be able to access the versionit command from in a terminal window. You can then, update the version in JSON files in the cwd in one of the following ways:

  • By running versionit <versionno> to explicitly set the version number to
  • By running versionit bump to bump the patch (0.0.x) version of your package.
  • By running versionit bump-minor to bump the minor (0.x.0) version of your package.
  • By running versionit bump-major to bump the major (x.0.0) version of your package.
  • Or just run versionit to get the current version of the package.
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