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from logging import WARN
from discord import Embed
from discord.ext.commands import Group
from yaml import YAMLError, safe_load
from core.api import split_camel
def __resolve_alias(cmd):
return set([] + cmd.aliases)
def get_help(bot) -> tuple:
Return a general Embed onject for help.
:param bot: the Yasen instance.
:return: a discord Embed object for general help.
from bot import __title__ as name
prefix = bot.prefix
description = f'For detailed help please use {prefix}help [command_name]'
embed = Embed(colour=bot.colour, description=description)
embed.set_author(name=f'{name} Help', icon_url=bot.user.avatar_url)
cog_cmd = {}
all_help = {}
for command in bot.commands.values():
_name =
for n in __resolve_alias(command):
all_help[n] = single_help(bot, command, _name)
cog_name = ' '.join(split_camel(command.cog_name) + ['Commands'])
if cog_name not in cog_cmd:
cog_cmd[cog_name] = []
if isinstance(command, Group):
for sub in command.commands.values():
_child_name =
full_name = f'{_name} {_child_name}'
all_help[full_name] = single_help(bot, sub, full_name)
for key in sorted(cog_cmd.keys()):
name=key, value=', '.join(set(cog_cmd[key])), inline=False
return embed, all_help
def single_help(bot, cmd, cmd_name) -> Embed:
Generate help embed for a given embed.
:return: the embed object for the given command.
doc =
help_dict = safe_load(doc)
except (YAMLError, AttributeError) as e:
bot.logger.log(WARN, str(e))
return Embed(colour=bot.colour, description=doc)
embed = Embed(
colour=bot.colour, description=help_dict.pop('Description')
embed.set_author(name=cmd_name, icon_url=bot.user.avatar_url)
if cmd.aliases:
embed.add_field(name='Aliases', value=f'`{", ".join(cmd.aliases)}`')
for key, val in help_dict.items():
val = val.format(prefix=bot.prefix)
except KeyError:
val = val.replace('{prefix}', bot.prefix)
embed.add_field(name=key, value=val, inline=False)
return embed
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