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Generates a complete RSS feed of Aaron Uglum's LABS comic.
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LABS Comic Archives to RSS

Now that the webcomic LABS has finished it's a great time to (re-)read the whole thing. Inspired by a blog comment, this script screen-scrapes the entire LABS archive in order to generate an RSS feed covering its complete history. Feed this into your favourite RSS reader and you've got a way to read it all (and track your progress) in your own time.

There's no need to run this script at all. Its output can be found at - plug that URL into your RSS reader. I've made the code available in case you need to adapt it for some future screen-scraping-to-static-RSS project. For more general-purpose screen-scraping-to-RSS, consider RSSey.

I do not own the content of LABS (which is copyright Aaron Uglum), just the script that generates this RSS feed (which is released under the GPL).

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